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Commercial Conveyancing Services

Paul Pattison Solicitors specialise in commercial conveyancing services. This is important because commercial conveyancing can be more complex than private conveyancing because we have to ensure that the correct GST and stamp duties are being paid. This requires consultation with any banks and accountants that are involved.

Some of the different assets that we are capable of dealing with include:

  • Property leases
  • Office space or property to run your business out of
  • Storage units
  • Farms
  • Sheds
  • Shops
  • Factories
  • Commercial sites

If you have any questions about our commercial conveyancing services or would like to request a quote for the fees involved, contact us today on 07 3886 1938.

Conveyancing Services for Buying Commercial Property

The process for transferring ownership of property into the name of your commercial business is as follows:

Step 1: Send us the unsigned contract so that we can review it and recommend and alterations that we think would be in your best interests.

Step 2: We’ll send you through an engagement letter with a questionnaire for you to fill in that provides us with all of the information that we need.

Step 3: Any special conditions such as finance, soil testing, build and pest inspections need to met before the transaction can be finalised.

Step 4: Once all conditions are met we will conduct all of the required searches to ensure that the seller has legal right to sell the property, that there aren’t any outstanding fines or problems with the council and that there aren’t any other issues that might effect the legality of the transaction.

Step 5: If all of the searches come back fine then we will take care of all of the settlement and post-settlement documentation for you.

Conveyancing Services for Selling Commercial Property

The process for selling commercial property is very similar to that of purchasing; you send us the unsigned contracts for review (we can also provide the contracts if required)and then we liaise with all other parties including real estate agents, banks and accountants and ensure that all special conditions within the contracts are upheld. Once all searches have been conducted without any issues, we finalise all of the documentation and prepare everything required for settlement.

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